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Moonrock partnered with Cure Rare Disease, NBA 2K, and Xbox to organize a successful charity event, utilizing gaming influencers to generate awareness and donations. By leveraging prominent channels and engaging the gaming community's passion for social causes, they were able to reach a large audience and drive significant results for the charity.

Cure Rare Diseases and Moonrock Drive Awareness and Donations Through Millennial and Gen Z Outreach

Moonrock executed a highly successful event in partnership with Cure Rare Disease, NBA 2K, and Xbox to drive awareness and donations for charity. Our approach involved the creation of a gaming influencer program, where we handpicked a team of ambassadors who were passionate about the cause. These influencers utilized their platforms to generate buzz, educate their audiences, and drive donations for Cure Rare Disease.

Moonrock organized a series of monthly events on prominent channels such as the official NBA 2K Twitch channel and the official Xbox Twitch channel. These events brought together celebrities, professional gamers, and influencers to raise both money and awareness for the charity. By leveraging these large platforms, we were able to reach a massive audience and captivate both Millennial and Gen Z viewers.

Working closely with Cure Rare Disease on a weekly basis, we planned and executed a range of activations to engage the target demographic. These activations varied in scale, from small and intimate community streams to large-scale celebrity tournaments. By tailoring each activation to resonate with Millennial and Gen Z audiences, we ensured that our messaging would be relatable, and effective in sparking action.

One of the key strengths of our strategy was the ability to tap into the gaming community's (as well as young people’s) passion and dedication to social causes. By aligning ourselves with NBA 2K and Xbox, two of the most popular names in gaming, we were able to leverage existing fan bases to maximize our reach. This allowed us to not only spread awareness about Cure Rare Disease but also to foster a sense of community and unity among gamers who wanted to make a difference.

As a result of our efforts, Cure Rare Disease saw a substantial increase in both awareness and donations. Our ability to harness their passion for gaming and social causes ultimately drove tremendous results for the charity.