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Moonrock successfully collaborated with Sony Pictures to execute a high-profile event showcasing the Monster Hunter movie adaptation. Their collaboration included the creation of a Sony Pictures Twitch livestream, featuring director Paul W.S. Anderson and an interview with the game creators, bridging the gap between the gaming community and film goers.

Moonrock and Sony Pictures Take Aim at Gamers With Monster Hunter Movie Livestream

Moonrock successfully executed a high-profile event in collaboration with Sony Pictures, showcasing the 2020 film adaptation of Capcom's popular game, Monster Hunter. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and the constantly changing release date, our team worked closely with Sony Pictures' marketing department to ensure that thigns went off without a hitch.

One of the highlights of our collaboration was the creation of the first-ever Sony Pictures Twitch livestream. This livestream provided an opportunity for director Paul W.S. Anderson to connect with the gaming community and showcase his knowledge of Capcom’s legendary franchise. To make the livestream even more engaging, Moonrock worked closely with Social Dissonance, one of the top Monster Hunter creators, who interviewed Anderson on Capcom's global channel.

In addition to the livestream, Moonrock also collaborated with Capcom directly, in an effort to conduct an interview with the video game’s creators. The interview proved significant as it marked the first time the creators discussed the movie adaptation. By featuring the game creators' perspectives, we aimed to bridge the gap between the gaming community and film goers, ensuring that both sides felt valued and catered to. The video interview generated significant buzz and solidified the connection between the game and the movie, further fueling excitement among fans.

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