We Are Moonrock.

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Donovan Erskine
Doug Parsons
Henry Stenhouse
Alice Woolard
Nathan Lindberg
Lucas White
Brandy Berthelson
John Benyamine
Jordan Baker
Kendryx Linscott
Amanda Solomon
Trevor Buchanan
Chris Higgins
Théo Azevedo
Krishna Singh
Greg Burke
Ethan Badgero
Noah Barskiy
Cheese Roca
Jessie Lassiter
John Gaudiosi
Joe Stasio

We build incredible experiences that connect your brand to the most elusive demographics on earth.

We work closely with you to develop custom experiences: digital, physical or both... And we’ve been doing it for years.
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We work with the latest tools, biggest platforms, and most state-of-the-art venues in the world.

We use any and everything at our disposable to put your brand front-and-center for Gen Z, Gen A, Millennials, and more.

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