Digital Experience


Moonrock and PUBG North America teamed up to develop a creative marketing strategy for promoting new gameplay seasons and features for PUBG. By creating original editorial stories, Moonrock engaged the game's fan base and directed them to the official PUBG blog for more information, resulting in a successful collaboration that kept gamers informed and engaged.

Moonrock, a trusted partner in games industry marketing, collaborated with PUBG North America to develop and execute an innovative strategy for cross-promoting new gameplay seasons and features for the legendary battle royale game. Leveraging our extensive network of gaming websites and social communities, Moonrock worked closely with PUBG's marketing leads to craft original editorial stories that engaged the game’s fan base.

After capturing an audience on our network of partner sites, we strategically funneled readers to the official PUBG blog, where they could find more detailed information about the latest news and content drops. This collaboration between Moonrock and PUBG North America resulted in a powerful synergy, maximizing the impact of each platform and ensuring that gamers were fully informed and up-to-date.