Physical Experiences

As a result of the pandemic, more Millennials and Gen Z gamers continue to spend additional time online engaging with influencers and professional gamers across Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.

Moonrock can create custom virtual and live events to connect your brand with this audience. We can provide a white label, turn-key solution that engages this audience in different ways.

We can also partner with a charity of your choice and align a who’s who of influencers, celebrities, athletes and professional gamers to participate in an online tournament that will raise money and awareness for that cause. This customizable option can run for a few hours, an entire day Jerry Lewis telethon-style or over multiple weeks or months.

We can also create a stand-alone stream to connect your brand or organization directly with a targeted gaming audience of your choice. This can come in the form of a panel of speakers or a fireside chat or a series of presentations designed to connect with the Millennial and Gen Z audience.

We can tap into our authentic audience of 80 million monthly gamers to guarantee a concurrent livestream audience for any virtual event or online tournament. This allows us to predict the minimum audience for you before the stream even begins. We’re also able to micro-target within our audience of 80 million to align with the correct demographics.

We can even target US, North American or global audiences with our outreach. To ensure a longer tail for these activations we have the ability to create custom bites of content and target millions of gamers over a 30 day window to further extend the messaging.

Additionally, Moonrock can create virtual corporate events of any size and scope for any industry, providing a turn-key solution for anyone looking for an alternative gathering solution during the global pandemic. Moonrock has worked with companies ranging from Microsoft Education to the Air Force Research Lab on such events in 2020.

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