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By fully integrating the Bomb Pop brand into Roblox's Restaurant Tycoon 2, Moonrock not only captured the attention of millions of unique players, but also generated extensive brand interactions and valuable fan data.

26 % Increase in IRL Bomb Pop Sales
48m+Bomb Pops sold in game in 2 week period
2m+Users in a 2 week period
550k+Branded items used in a 2 week period
28 min.Average Play Time
Bomb Pop Cools Off Gamers In Roblox’s Restaurant Tycoon, Fully Integrated and Executed by Moonrock

Moonrock demonstrated its innovative marketing abilities by seamlessly integrating Bomb Pop, a popular ice pop brand, into Roblox's Restaurant Tycoon 2. This two-week promotion in the summer of 2023 captivated more than 1 million unique players, who engaged with the brand by purchasing and trading over 48 million in-game Bomb Pops.

What made this event truly stand out was it’s user engagement. Unlike the brief 10-second pre-roll ads or 60-second influencer ad reads we’re all familiar with, players spent an average of 28 minutes interacting with the Bomb Pop brand each time they logged into the game.

One of the most remarkable outcomes of this collaboration was the fan data we were able to acquire. Through the extensive interactions made possible by Moonrock, Bomb Pop was able to extract this data and utilize it to develop real-world products specifically tailored to their new found gaming fans, effectively targeting and engaging with their audience both in-game and in the freezer aisle.

To put the magnitude of the event's impact into perspective, players collectively logged a whopping 600,000 hours playing the branded Restaurant Tycoon 2 mode during the promotional period. The overwhelming number of Bomb Pops sold in-game, totaling over 48 million units, reflects the undeniable success of the integration. More than half a million branded items were utilized within the game over the two-week period, even further solidifying the reach and impact of the activation.

The success of this promotion is evident in the remarkable number of players jumping into the action, exceeding well over 2 million in just two weeks. Thanks to our execution, Bomb Pop was able to tap into Roblox's expansive gaming community, resulting in an unequivocally successful campaign.

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