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Moonrock organized a successful Pringles event in Minecraft, resulting in a huge audience and player base. The event generated organic memes and fostered a sense of community in a vibrant and active Discord channel.

54Organic custom memes generated by players posted on social media
48.43kTotal sessions
11+ hAverage Total Playtime / Player
6.16kTotal players
57 mAverage session duration
1.19kRegular Players
27.49kTotal Messages in Pringles SMP Discord

Moonrock produced an event for Pringles by leveraging it’s expertise in creating a public survival multiplayer Minecraft server. The goal from the start was to connect with a younger audience and enhance engagement with the Pringles brand and line of products. To accomplish this, Moonrock developed fully custom 3D models of Pringles bottles, crisps, builds and textures, resulting in an immersive and irresistible experience for players.

The event was home to a considerable amount of organic custom memes generated by players and shared on social media, highlighting their creativity and enthusiasm while adding viral potential to the already successful campaign.

In a time where companies compete for mindshare more than ever before, we’re proud to say our fully-branded experience enjoyed an average session duration of approximately one hour per participant. Drawing thousands of players across tens of thousands of sessions, the event attracted a substantial audience and achieved a higher level of participation than predicted.

In addition, the Pringles SMP Discord channel flourished as a lively hub of activity, with a significant number of messages exchanged in a mass of public channels. This active and enthusiastic community enjoyed a sense of belonging and camaraderie among it’s players, deepening their affinity for the Pringles brand.

The event successfully cultivated a loyal player base, with many regular players demonstrating sustained interest in the Minecraft server, reflected in the impressive average playtime per player.

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