Digital Experience


Burger King Chile partnered with a video game to create a unique in-game experience featuring its branding. The virtual world included billboards, logos, and representations of Burger King's products. Players navigated a race track with speed boosts and obstacles, aiming to conquer a giant 'Whopper' structure.

Burger King of Chile and Moonrock kicked off a partnership to create a branded Fortnite experience centered around recreating the speed and excitement of real-world race tracks. With meticulous attention to detail, the virtual world was crafted, integrating Burger King's iconic branding.

Fortnite players were immersed in a vibrant landscape adorned with branded billboards, showcasing items from Burger King’s legendary menu. As gamers navigated the thrilling course, they encountered strategically placed representations of juicy burgers, crispy fries, and tantalizing condiments. At the heart of this innovative environment lay a colossal 'Whopper' structure, serving as a thrilling focal point that racers must conquer before triumphantly crossing the finish line. To elevate the excitement from a gaming perspective, speed boosts and strategically positioned obstacles were incorporated, ensuring players had a blast as they navigated the tasty track.

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