Digital Experience


Moonrock hosted Fanta's Battle Royale, a 50-person game mode commissioned by CocaCola Chile. The map showcased Fanta's flavors and colors through detailed builds, 3D models, and signage.

2.5k+Registered players
400k+People reached
120k+Organic interactions
1.5k $Prize Pool

Moonrock had the distinct pleasure of hosting Fanta's Battle Royale, a thrilling 50 person battle royale gamemode that was specially commissioned by CocaCola Chile. Our talented team crafted a remarkable map that showcased Fanta's vibrant flavors and colors through meticulously designed builds, architecture, 3D models, signs, and billboards. Throughout the map, players encountered delightful 3D models of Fanta bottles, each accompanied by fresh fruit models that perfectly complemented their corresponding Fanta flavor. We strategically placed food-themed objects like hamburgers and tacos, illustrating how Fanta can pair with any cuisine.

The impact of Fanta's Battle Royale was astounding, captivating over 400,000 individuals. Moreover, the event generated a staggering 20,000 organic interactions on social media, proving the genuine excitement and engagement it garnered. With over two-and-a-half thousand registered players and a prize pool of fifteen-hundred dollars, the event offered not only an exhilarating gaming experience but also enticing rewards for participants.

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