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Moonrock's Minecraft Ultimate event raised over $250,000 for charity and garnered an average of over 250,000 live viewers, showcasing the power of the gaming community to come together for a cause. Influencers and viewers continue to express interest in future iterations of the event, highlighting its enduring popularity within the Minecraft scene.

250k+raised for charity over several events
256k+AVG live viewers

Moonrock's Minecraft Ultimate event for Lionsgate and Twitch proved to be a resounding success, raising over a quarter million dollars for charity over several iterations and events. With an average of over 250 thousand live viewers, the Minecraft Ultimate event captured the attention of an enormous audience, immersing them in a branded Minecraft world. The event proved to be an exciting platform for both content creators and viewers alike, fostering a sense of community and engagement within the long-standing Minecraft scene.

With donations totaling more than $250,000, Moonrock’s execution and the event itself demonstrated the power of the gaming community in coming together for a meaningful cause.

Even after the conclusion of the event, the Minecraft Ultimate concept continued to resonate with influencers and viewers alike. Renowned creators in the scene still request and express interest in participating in future iterations of the event, a testament to its enduring popularity.

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