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Lunar Client server is a popular platform for Minecraft players, with a large user base and high engagement. By sponsoring the server, brands can reach a broad audience and enhance their presence in the gaming community. Moonrock is a preferred partner for this exclusive gaming hub.

~350kDaily Active Players
1.37mMonthly Active Players
778kDaily Launches
18.9mMonthly Launches
1 h 11mAverage Session Time
6.3mTotal Lifetime Users
84.1kFree Back-To-School cosmetics claimed
44.2kUnique Players in Back-To-School Promotion

Lunar Client server provides a unique opportunity for brands to reach millions of Minecrafters around the world. With an average session time of 1 hour and 11 minutes, and a total of 6.3 million lifetime users, the server is a bustling hub of activity with a wide range of branding opportunities.

The monthly active player count stands at an impressive 1.37 million, with a staggering 18.9 million launches occurring each month. This means that brands can expect their message to be seen by a massive audience, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement.

The server boasts an impressive daily launch count of 778,000, with approximately 350,000 players actively engaging with the server on a daily basis. In addition, Lunar Client recently launched a highly successful Back-To-School campaign, with over eighty thousand free cosmetics claimed by tens of thousands of unique players over a brief 36-hour time frame.

By sponsoring Lunar Client, Moonrock partners have the opportunity to align with a leading Minecraft platform and gain access to a highly engaged and dedicated player base. With a wide range of quality-of-life modifications, custom emotes, and a streamlined multiplayer menu, Lunar Client offers players a premium and up-to-date Minecraft experience.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to reach millions of Minecrafters and elevate your brand's presence in the gaming community. Contact us today to discuss sponsorship options on Lunar Client and unlock the full potential of Minecraft brand activations.

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