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Moonrock's Minecraft Competition League at TwitchCon in San Diego garnered over 1 million video-on-demand views in just 48 hours, showcasing the potential for a new form of esports entertainment. With its widespread viewership and recognition from notable esports teams, the league's success has solidified Moonrock as a leader in game marketing.

1m+VOD views after 48 hours
41kAverage live viewers

Moonrock's Minecraft Competition League at TwitchCon in San Diego was nothing short of groundbreaking. As the first of its kind, this competitive Minecraft series showcased the potential for a whole new variety of esports entertainment. With over 1 million video-on-demand views within just 48 hours of the live broadcast, it was clear this event captured the imagination of gamers and spectators alike.

With its enormous user base and dedicated gaming community, Twitch provided the perfect stage for this unique event. And, with over forty thousand viewers on average throughout the promotion, it was clear were fans eagerly tuned in to the unfolding action.

In addition to the impressive viewership numbers, the Minecraft Competition League also made a significant splash on social media. The event's reach spread like wildfire, resonating with not only gamers but also some of the most prominent esports teams in the industry. Renowned organizations such as FaZE Clan and OTK took notice of the league's success, highlighting its potential as a platform for their own involvement.

Moonrock’s careful planning and execution of this memorable series has firmly established the agency as a leader in both digital and physical game marketing.

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