Digital Experience


By leveraging the immense popularity of Minecraft and partnering with influential creators, in addition to integrating with mainstream media to further expand the event’s reach, Moonrock ensured that XGames remains relevant with generations new and old.

20Minecraft Influencers
850k+National TV viewers across ABC/ESPN
100k+Unique live viewers across Twitch/YouTube
750k+Unique post event video viewers on YouTube

Moonrock collaborated with XGames to host an event combining extreme sports and the ever-popular virtual world of Minecraft. This fusion of action and creativity appealed to a wide audience, including younger viewers who aren't traditionally familiar with, let alone fans of, XGames. By painstakingly recreating XGames competitions in Minecraft, we engaged both die-hard fans and the mainstream Minecraft community alike.

To make this event a reality, we partnered with 20 influential Minecraft creators. Their participation not only highlighted the event's exciting moment-to-moment gameplay but also attracted their dedicated fan base. The event generated significant buzz and captured the attention of millions.

The impact of this event was remarkable. Post-event videos on YouTube saw viewership of around 750,000 unique viewers. The event also drew in 100,000 unique viewers from live-streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. What’s more, the event made splash in mainstream media, being televised nationally and reaching an impressive audience of nearly a million viewers on ABC and ESPN. This exposure connected XGames with all ages in addition to the younger audiences acquired online.

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